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How Systems Benefit You

How Systems Benefit You

The majority of electricians have a "she'll always be the best, buddy" attitude even when the continual multi-tasking wears thin. One way you can end the never-ending cycle of juggling is through systems. Systems will give you complete freedom. Does your electrical business go in the sand or even thrive without your help?

Are you having trouble navigating system? It's not just you.

If systems are essential to less stress and achieving peace why isn't there more electricians who are implementing systems? Most of the time, implementation of systems is placed into the "too difficult basket" so the process of chaos persists.

Take a look at your situation. Do you think you can continue doing this for the rest of your life? Systems are one-time investments of time that will last for a long longevity and sustainability of your business.

The term "system" refers to the documented record of an entire procedure or procedure from beginning to end - ideally outlined in the form of a flowchart. Each system is the "repeatable method of performing things". You can create the rules!

6 ways in which systems can help your electrical business

1 Training simple

In our own business we cut down the amount of time needed to learn a new dispatcher from six weeks to just two weeks by using technology. Through systems, training new employees will be an easier process as well.

Do you tend to inundate the new members of your team with a series of instructions?

Do you feel angry because these guidelines aren't being adhered to?

The idea is that your systems will be interpreted the same way by every member of your team.

2 Avoid the number of questions that are unnecessary

Instead of asking silly questions and waste the time (again) employees simply have to access their work software to look up the solution.

3 Minimize mistakes

The only way for something to be wrong occurs when an employee fails to follow the procedures which they should always be doing! Reread that sentence the only way something goes wrong is when an employee doesn't adhere to the procedures.

You've put certain processes in place since you're confident they are effective. Accidents do happen. If you have procedures in place that allow you to show your employee where exactly within the system where they went wrong. They can make the corrections for the next time.

4 Create the sameness

A consistent high level of customer service results in happy repeat customers. Through systems, every employee of your business does the same thing. If your customers are used to being told the exact messages and are receiving the same service and experience, they will are expecting the same level of professionalism as well as flow of service.

5 Give you control

Even when you're not present you can see exactly how your workers are performing. You are in control. If an employee chooses to quit or becomes sick it's simple to replace them because all the necessary information for their job is recorded, not in their heads. Hello, long-lost holiday!

6 Take out of the toolbox

Take the tools off and look forward to more time with your family, no phone holidays, planning ahead and planning. The expertise and information needed to effectively manage your electrical business is useless to everyone in your and your employees' heads. It's your most valuable resource, if you're looking to take your tools off your desk.

Although the systems may be difficult to comprehend at first, if you're ready to go through the setup phase, you'll reap benefits on the other side.