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Buy online 7 hole neutral link in Lowest Shipping Rate

Buy online 7 hole neutral link

7 hole neutral link 350amp - black

  • Item Name: 7 hole neutral link 350amp – black
  • Category: Power Suplies
  • Brand: Sparkelec
  • Price: 16$ (37$)
  • Discount: 21% Off
    • Buy online 7 hole neutral link Product

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      Buy online 21% Off 7 hole neutral link in Lowest Shipping Rate

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      7 hole neutral link Product Description

      7 Pole Neutral Link? 350Amp – Black?

      350Amp 7 hole Neutral Active Link ? Black

      Manufactured and tested according to international standards. Comes complete with Link bar and cover. With a rating of 350 Amps, contains 7 Holes and cable max of 120mm2.

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